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SCI Members are the Hunting Market

Hunters are passionate about the outdoors and spend their dollars supporting companies that help them pursue their passion. The Central Connecticut Chapter is proud to celebrate our sponsors and partners. We appreciate our shared commitment to wildlife, hunting, fishing, and conservation.

If you would like to become a sponsor or partner, please contact us using our Contact Form.

Northeast Taxidermy Studios, Inc.

Northeast Taxidermy Studios, Inc.

From the largest African collection to the smallest individual order, Northeast Taxidermy Studios delivers the finest quality custom wildlife designs available. Over thirty years of experience and a thorough knowledge of the species.

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What Members Say ?

Walter S. Hunter

  • Excellent!

"SCI is proactive in protecting my hunting rights.  The annual convention gives me exposure to outfitters and sources for my hunting and fishing."

Beth G. Huntress

  • Excellent!

"To honor women hunters and our rich heritage, SCI is celebrating "Women Go Hunting" during our Convention in Nashville, Tennessee."

Bob B. Hunter & Fisherman

  • Excellent!!

"Supporting organizations, like SCI, that protect wildlife conservation and hunting is the responsible thing to do as a member of the hunting community."

Brandon G. Hunter

  • Excellent!

"SCI is the best proactive hunting, conservation and educational organization in the world. It's emphases is local, state, national, and international."